CJSC “Murom” is chipboard manufacturer.
The quality management system of CJSC “Murom” is based on the requirements
of ISO 9001:2008 in the field of development, manufacture and sale of plywood
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CJSC “Murom” produces I, II, III and IV class plywood, which corresponds to the standards:

  • TU-7-12-2012-R “Plywood of general purpose with the outer layers made of deciduous species veneer sheet”
  • TU-7-12-2012-E “Birch plywood for export. Technical specifications”

Plywood from CJSC “Murom” can be used in the following domains:

  • Construction plywood
  • Interior and exterior design in the form sound-proofing and wall panels, window-sills, doors, facades design etc.
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding - finishing the interior of vessels, board, partition, deck and the seat 
  • Transport machine building (car trailers, skin, doors, bodies and floor)
  • Packing
  • Commercial, service and warehouse equipment 
  • Children's furniture and playground equipment   
  • Other spheres of application, for example: road signs, advertising panels, elevators, templates and other, with the application of moisture-proof plywood

Variants of surface treatment

According to the degree of mechanical surface processing, plywood is subdivide into:

  • Non-polished – NP (NSh);
  • polished on one side – P (Sh)1;
  • polished on two sides – P (Sh)2.

Sheet size

  • 1525x1525 mm 
  • 1525x1270 (1220) mm.

In accordance with TU-7-12-2012-R, plywood can have the following sheets dimensions (length, width of plywood sheets), in mm: 1200, 1800, 2100, 2135, 2700, 2745, 3600, 3660. Since CJSC “Murom” is a producer of plywood, it is allowed to manufacture plywood of other sizes in accordance with the conditions of individual treaty or supply agreement of plywood wholesale.
Emission class

  • The content of free formaldehyde mgm2/h (according to the method of gas analysis) is not more than 0.9.

Thickness of the produced plywood:

From 3 mm to 18 mm
  • The plywood production by CJSC “Murom” is certified by State Standard of the Russian Federation, and has the sanitary epidemiological conclusion of the Rospotrebsoyuz (Union of Consumers' Societies of the RF) Federal Service.