CJSC “Murom” is chipboard manufacturer.
The quality management system of CJSC “Murom” is based on the requirements
of ISO 9001:2008 in the field of development, manufacture and sale of plywood
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Chipboard (wood particle board) GOST 1063.2-89 from the manufacturer

CJSC “Murom” is the most important general-purpose chipboard (wood particle board) manufacturer in the North-East of Russia.

Chipboard is one of the most common building materials and is produced by hot pressing of flat wood particles mixed with a binder. Chipboard doesn’t have any defects that natural wood has, such as knots, the heterogeneity of the material, internal voids and cracks.

The advantages of chipboard are the stiffness and strength, the uniformity of composition. Particle board sheets are easily handled and efficiently keep screws and nails. 

Chipboard grades

  • P-A
  • P-B

Chipboard thickness:

  • 16 mm

By the degree of processing:

  • Polished

On the formaldehyde content:

  • Emission class E1 (minimum content of free formaldehyde), GOST  10632 - 2007

Chipboard class:

  • Class 2

Chipboard manufacturing on our plant makes it possible to produce chipboard panels of the following size, in mm:

  • 3500×1750
  • It is possible to produce particle board 200 mm less than the main size, with a 25-mm gradation


Construction chipboard is used for furniture manufacturing, construction (except for housing, buildings for children, schools and hospitals), in tare manufacturing. 


Chipboard panels are stored in horizontal position, in enclosed spaces, in stacks of up to 4.5 m in height, consisting of piles or packages. They are separated by beam- liners to be placed across the sheets at intervals of not more than 600 mm in the same vertical plane.


CJSC “Murom” chipboard is certified by State Standard of Russian Federation and has the sanitary epidemiological conclusion of the Rospotrebsoyuz (Union of Consumers' Societies of the RF) Federal Service. 

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