CJSC “Murom” is chipboard manufacturer.
The quality management system of CJSC “Murom” is based on the requirements
of ISO 9001:2008 in the field of development, manufacture and sale of plywood
+7 (49234) 9-19-88

About us


The principal objective of our business is to maximize the long-term profit avoiding serious risks.
The mission of CJSC "Murom" is to integrate the production and supply of high-quality products to both customers of the Russian Federation and abroad, thus providing a stable function of the company, as well as contributing to the Russian economy.
We see our consumers as our partners, try to understand their demands and exceed their expectations, stick to being open and honest in communication with them.

Our ongoing aims are to raise the profit level sufficient to invest in performance and development and at the same time maintain a competitive level in a constantly changing market environment.


CJSC "Murom" is characterized by large production capabilities. Substantial production capacities enable us to produce 120,000 cubic meters of plywood and 120,000 cubic meters of chipboards today annually.

The main production facilities of the enterprise consist of machines from Germany, Finland, Japan. Today the enterprise is fully packed with contemporary high tech equipment. And we are continually researching cutting-edge technologies. Application of the most advanced Japanese equipment and technologies in the future will enable CJSC "Murom" to increase the plywood production by extra 25%. 


CJSC "Murom" is proud to list its products:
  • birch plywood
  • polished clipboard of П-А and П-Б makes, GOST 10632-2007, emission class Е1, dimensions 3500х1750 mm
  • Cushioned, office, cabinet-type furniture and kitchens both standard and custom-made.
We are glad to offer a wide range of plywood products:
  • Polished and non-polished 3 to 30 mm thick, sheet dimensions 1525х1525 mm (60х60 inches).
  • Types В, В/ВВ, ВВ, ВВ/СР, СР/СР, ВВ/С, СР/С, С.
  • The customer can order the plywood to be produced according to its individual specification. Engagement of top-ranked specialists enables us to consider individual requirements to thickness, size and surface in plywood production.
  • Our plywood is certified according to CARB and CE Standard.   
The main components of Murom furniture are our own high-quality products and accessories from Western Europe. Every part of our furniture meets the highest European ecological standards with emission class E1. So it can be used in child welfare institutions. We have compliance certificate of Gosstandard of the RF for all furniture produced by CJSC "Murom".

Recently we have mastered and launched production of child furniture. Our furniture was widely applied to equip child welfare institutions in Vladimir region.

The company is constantly monitoring the quality of its products through technical and quality inspection. CJSC "Murom" has a 24-hour laboratory equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for continuous control over design conformity and ecological safety of products. Here we have a full process cycle that is a guarantee of high quality and safety of all products.

We endeavour to always meet our customers’ expectations.


Today about 1200 highly qualified specialists are engaged at the mill. Our employees form A close-knit team of professionals driven by the idea of "Murom" stable development for the benefit of business well-being. The day by day work of our specialists is of high value. We appreciate the spirit of innovation, proactive attitude, organizing flexibility and mobility.

The management together with the employees have elaborated and applied the following guides:
strategic vision;
customer orientated approach and continuous changing for the better.

Our guiding principle is that the personnel of "Murom" are our most valuable asset.


Closed Joint Stock Company "Murom" is located in Murom city. For over a thousand years Murom has stood on a high bank of the Oka river. This is a city of Vladimir region. It is situated on the border of the central and Volga Federal Districts 300 km from Moscow and 160 km from Nizhny Novgorod.

The enterprise is characterized by the most favorable and convenient geographic and transport location.

Murom is an important railway junction between Moscow and Kazan. Murom stands close to a motorway of Federal significance Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Ufa.